We represent a group of citizens who are concerned with the expansion of Big Government and threats to our liberty. None of us are professionals, but ordinary people who have recently become involved in the movement to save our Republic. We are a diverse bunch, Young and Old, Black, White and Hispanic, Christian, Hindu and Jew. All of us bound by our interest in protecting and promoting the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

We are not part of nor represent any special interest, political party or agenda. We are independent and open minded. Through our weekly radio programs, we seek to present issues and provide a venue where listeners can call in and make their voices heard. Repatriot Radio will be both engaging and entertaining, we’ll have humor, interviews with interesting people, segments on our animal friends and a little bit of Rock N’ Roll, Folk, Metal, Punk and Hip-Hop.

Although based in the greater Philadelphia area, we hope to provide a local and national platform for patriotic events and groups, through networking on our radio program and blogsite.

We invite all our fellow citizens to tune in and join us in standing up to our government officials on the left and right who have been destroying and subverting our contstitutional rights.



RePatriot Radio started in late 2009, broadcasting a live weekly radio program, and through an interactive website, podcasting a dedicated RSS feed to thousands of Ipod and internet listeners.

Founded by June McWilliam, RPR started with one show a week,hosted by Bucks County resident, June McWilliam. Since then, RePatriot Radio has added shows, with hosts that are nationally known.  The program provides news, opinions, and interviews with local and nationally acclaimed guests. RePatriot Radio provides a platform to inspire and educate people concerned with the expansion and corruption of our government.

Our network, through its lively and unusual format, engages those outside of the traditional political spectrum – the young, the minorities, and those disenfranchised by the political “tag team” system. Humor and an eclectic mixture of music (Rock, Folk, Metal, HipHop, Punk, Reggae) makes RePatriot Radio unique among the normally “slow paced” political talk shows.

The network continues its mission by focusing on local and national movements, providing a forum for communication and networking. Our show appeals to the Patriot groups, Conservatives, Independents, Republicans and “Blue Dog Democrats”, or anyone who is interested / curious about current events.

Tune in or log on to RePatriot Radio, with live streaming and podcasting on the interactive website www.repatriotradio.com.


RePatriot Radio – WiFi 1460am
Studio call in (during show): 609-447-0236

Liberty and Freedom Radio
Studio call in (during show): 305-848-8888, press 1, enter code 480 463 1243#, press 1


Listen live: www.repatriotradio.com
Website/Blog: www.repatriotradio.com
Email Questions/Comments: repatriotradio@comcast.net
Email questions for show (before, during, after): repatriotradio@comcast.net

Contact info – June McWilliam


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